Air­bag Infla­tor Electri­cal Tes­ting

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Elektronische Prüfung von Airbag-Inflatoren

Install a new, auto­ma­tic electri­cal test sys­tem to test inflator/curtain assem­blies that are used to deploy infla­t­a­ble side curtains with sound ergo­no­mic princi­ples and in-pro­cess checks to veri­fy that all com­pon­ents in the assem­bly com­ply with rigid qua­li­ty stan­dards.


INVO­TEC has a lar­ge instal­led base of Infla­tor Electri­cal Test Sys­tems that use a com­mon machi­ne design with modu­lar too­ling to easi­ly accom­mo­da­te models with dif­fe­rent con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons and test spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons. The Inflator/curtain assem­blies are manu­al­ly loa­ded and auto clam­ped in the test fix­tu­re with the infla­t­a­ble curtain in an enc­lo­sed area. Con­nec­tors are manu­al­ly loa­ded and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly sea­ted to ensu­re they are instal­led pro­per­ly. A pull-test is used to veri­fy that the con­nec­tors are pro­per­ly instal­led befo­re the electri­cal test too­ling advan­ces to begin the auto­ma­tic test sequence.


INVO­TEC sup­plies electri­cal test sys­tems uti­li­zing a modu­lar for­mat to adapt estab­lis­hed tes­ting methods to model spe­ci­fic spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons. The com­mon machi­ne base design has a small foot print to uti­li­ze the smal­lest manu­fac­tu­ring floor area pos­si­ble. The equip­ment guar­ding is desi­gned to pro­tect the ope­ra­tor in the event of an acci­den­tal dischar­ge during ope­ra­ti­on.


The cus­tom desi­gned test head too­ling uses repla­ce­ab­le con­ta­ct pins with shunt remo­ving capa­bi­li­ty to per­form electri­cal tests, inte­gra­ting Keith­ley Source and Swit­ching Meters. The PC Data Acqui­si­ti­on sys­tem inclu­des Natio­nal Instru­ments Lab­View, the visi­on inspec­tion uses the Cognex In-Sight sys­tem, and the con­trol sys­tem inclu­des an Allen Brad­ley PLC and Panel­View ope­ra­tor inter­face ter­mi­nal.

airbag inflator electrical testing

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