Inte­gra­ted Laser Mar­king

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Error Proofing, Micro Laser Processing

Reihe von Laserkennzeichnungsgeräten

Over­view Desi­gned and sup­plied a seri­es of LASER mar­king sta­ti­ons to safe­ly and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly app­ly labels to dif­fe­rent types of devices. PRO­BLEMS WE SOL­VE The cur­rent manu­fac­tu­ring indus­try is see­ing an incre­a­se in the need for rapid, fle­xi­ble, low main­ten­an­ce part mar­king. New regu­la­ti­ons for tracea­bi­li­ty and requi­re­ments for machi­ne and human reada­bi­li­ty are also dri­ving this demand. TOOLS WE USE Inte­gra­ted LASER mar­king is a natu­ral fit as a tool to sol­ve this pro­blem. To offer our cus­to­mers the … Read More

Air­bag Fol­ding and Rive­ting

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Error Proofing

Gerät zum Biegen und Nieten von Airbags

Over­view Desi­gned and instal­led a new manu­fac­tu­ring lean cell to fold and assem­ble air­bag assem­blies using sound ergo­no­mic princi­ples and in-pro­­cess checks to veri­fy that all com­pon­ents in the assem­bly com­ply with rigid qua­li­ty stan­dards. PRO­BLEMS WE SOL­VE  Air­bags were auto­ma­ti­cal­ly fold­ed at a sta­ti­on atten­ded by an ope­ra­tor whe­re they were manu­al­ly loa­ded, unloa­ded, and then trans­fer­red to the next ope­ra­ti­on. Rivets were auto­ma­ti­cal­ly instal­led at a sepa­ra­te sta­ti­on to attach com­po­nent hard­ware that was manu­al­ly loa­ded, the sub-asse­m­­b­ly … Read More

Auto­mo­ti­ve Engi­ne Com­po­nent Assem­bly

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Error Proofing, Machine Vision Systems, Mechanical Assembly Systems


Over­view Engi­nee­red and instal­led a new semi-auto­­ma­­ted machi­ne to assem­ble pins to a rub­ber val­ve, uti­li­zing mini­mal ope­ra­tor inter­ac­tion while maxi­mi­zing qua­li­ty and through­put on a thought­ful­ly desi­gned no-tool chan­­ge-over plat­form. PRO­BLEMS WE SOL­VE Our cus­to­mer was swam­ped with new orders and frus­tra­ted by try­ing to find someo­ne to engi­neer, build and install a new semi-auto­­ma­­ted machi­ne to assem­ble and crimp pins onto a rub­ber val­ve. This machi­ne nee­ded to maxi­mi­ze qua­li­ty and through­put on a thought­ful­ly desi­gned no-tool chan­geo­ver … Read More

Tem­pe­ra­tu­re Pro­be Laser Mar­king

InvotecCase Study, Error Proofing, Micro Laser Processing, Test Systems

Anlage Laserkennzeichnung

Over­view We worked with our cus­to­mer to deve­lop a cus­tom solu­ti­on to a signi­fi­cant pro­cess pro­blem they had with the tes­ting of their tem­pe­ra­tu­re pro­bes. PRO­BLEMS WE SOL­VE One of our cus­to­mers had a signi­fi­cant pro­cess hurd­le in the launch of one of their tem­pe­ra­tu­re pro­be pro­grams. They nee­ded an indi­vi­du­al machi­ne that mea­su­red for per­for­mance cha­rac­te­ris­tics as well as labe­led and seria­li­zed the sen­sors based on the results of the tes­ting. This pro­cess was requi­red to ensu­re that non-con­­forming … Read More