Infla­tor and Gas Gui­de Assem­bly

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Desi­gned and instal­led new manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess equip­ment to align and assem­ble air­bag infla­tors with gas gui­des using sound ergo­no­mic princi­ples and in-pro­cess checks to veri­fy that all com­pon­ents in the assem­bly com­plied with rigid qua­li­ty stan­dards.


Our cus­to­mer nee­ded to attach an air­bag infla­tor to the gas gui­de. This pro­duct was requi­red to with­stand high pres­su­re in ope­ra­ti­on. The assem­bly pro­cess would need to reli­ab­ly join the­se parts and it was key to the suc­cess of this cri­ti­cal auto­mo­ti­ve safe­ty com­po­nent.

Our cus­to­mer desi­red equip­ment that ali­gned and assem­bled the­se com­pon­ents using sound ergo­no­mic princi­ples and in-pro­cess checks to veri­fy that all com­pon­ents in the assem­bly com­plied with their customer’s rigid qua­li­ty stan­dards.


In this pro­cess, air­bag infla­tors and gas gui­des are manu­al­ly loa­ded, unloa­ded and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly crim­ped to secu­re the assem­bly while main­tai­ning the cor­rect ori­en­ta­ti­on bet­ween com­pon­ents.

Our cus­tom desi­gned solu­ti­on inclu­ded a crim­ping tool ope­ra­ted with cam moti­on that used for­ce and distance in-pro­cess moni­to­ring. Infla­tors are then loa­ded ver­ti­cal­ly into a fix­tu­re that auto­ma­ti­cal­ly accom­mo­da­tes length varia­ti­ons with a ser­vo adjus­ted ele­va­tor. A second ser­vo motor in the fix­tu­re is used to adjust the radi­al ori­en­ta­ti­on of the infla­tor twice during each cycle, once to align it with the gas gui­de and a second time to posi­ti­on it for auto­ma­tic labe­ling. The clear area abo­ve the crimp too­ling allows gas gui­des with many con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons to be assem­bled on the infla­tor with mini­mal fix­tu­re adjus­t­ments.

Cus­tom cam pro­fi­le designs were gene­ra­ted to even­ly crimp gas gui­des, pneu­ma­ti­cal­ly advan­ced too­ling pro­vi­des a method to con­trol reject hand­ling, and the con­trol sys­tem inclu­des an Allen Brad­ley PLC and Panel­View ope­ra­tor inter­face ter­mi­nal.


This cam ope­ra­ted crimp tool gene­ra­ted a con­trol­led moti­on to secu­re the gas gui­de to the Infla­tor with a reli­able and repeat­a­ble pro­cess. Ser­vo con­trol­led moti­ons were inte­gra­ted in the infla­tor fix­tu­re to accom­mo­da­te the mul­ti­ple lengths and clo­cking requi­re­ments for the various models, each with left hand and right hand varia­ti­ons. The impro­ve­ments in redu­ced for­ce, set­up, tool wear and crimp con­sist­ent­ly allo­wed the cus­to­mer to easi­ly and reli­ab­ly deli­ver this life saving pro­duct to their cus­to­mer.

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