Tech Tip: Test Sys­tems & Anti­ci­pa­ting Your Unknowns

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Solid test sys­tems are a cri­ti­cal com­po­nent in medi­cal device manufacturing—and for good rea­son. High inter­na­tio­nal stan­dards set by the FDA and CE regu­la­to­ry bodies help keep pati­ents and health­ca­re pro­fes­sio­nals safe, making com­pli­an­ce necessa­ry but not always easy to achie­ve. Robust test equip­ment hel­ps manu­fac­tu­rers ensu­re that devices can with­stand exter­nal for­ces not tes­ted during the assem­bly pro­cess. Designing the­se sys­tems always pres­ents the same chal­len­ge: engi­neers must learn to pre­dict what they don’t know. So how do they … Read More