#TBT: Inter­view with The­re­sa Moss, Con­trol­ler


In Novem­ber 2018, Invo­tec cele­bra­ted its 25th anni­ver­s­a­ry. It’s a mile­stone we achie­ved due to the sup­port of our custo­mers and vendors—and, most of all, our employees. Now we’re tur­ning back the clock to hear from some of our most sea­so­ned experts what Invo­tec was like in the begin­ning and the chal­len­ges that shaped our suc­cess today. #TBT

Meet The­re­sa Moss

20+ years with Invo­tec

About The­re­sa

The­re­sa star­ted at Invo­tec in 1995 as a con­tract accoun­tant. In 1999, she came on full time as the Con­trol­ler which, at the time, also inclu­ded doing some HR and admi­nis­tra­ti­ve work. Today The­re­sa is respon­si­ble for pro­vi­ding accu­ra­te and time­ly finan­ci­al infor­ma­ti­on to team mem­bers and custo­mers.

What was Invo­tec like when you first star­ted?

We were a five-per­son com­pa­ny in a two-sto­ry con­do buil­ding. I sha­red an office with Daryl, our cur­rent COO, and I still remem­ber our first Matrix prin­ter. The pro­jec­ts were focu­sed most­ly on design and con­trols until we moved to a new loca­ti­on and hired our first toolmaker—that was a big deal becau­se it real­ly expan­ded the type of solu­ti­ons we could offer our custo­mers.

What drew you to Invo­tec initi­al­ly?

I first heard about the com­pa­ny while I was working part-time with several accoun­ting cli­ents. On a Satur­day, I met with John, one of the co-foun­ders. I got a sen­se of who John and Daryl were and what they were try­ing to accom­plish. They are both very smart peop­le, and I knew they were going to run this busi­ness right—so I joi­ned.

What has kept you at Invo­tec?

The peop­le here have real­ly crea­ted a gre­at envi­ron­ment, and John and Daryl always make decisi­ons in the best inte­rest of their employees. It empowers me to make a posi­ti­ve impact—my role exists to make the employees suc­cess­ful, and I real­ly enjoy that ever­yo­ne works towards this com­mon goal.

Whe­re do you see Invo­tec hea­ded in the next 25 years?

Beco­m­ing the inter­na­tio­nal com­pa­ny we always hoped to be—solving com­plex pro­blems with qua­li­ty.

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